Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sinopsis of Paraiso

The dull life of Remigio Gallegos, a popular Miami radio personality, will never be the same after he answers a phone call to find out his son is waiting for him at a Miami Immigration office. Ivan, the young 'rafter' has never met his father. He brings with him Remigio's mother silver cross and a haunted past.

A post-postmodern hybrid, part thriller, part drama, part existencial romance, Paraiso is a film that eschews stereotypes. Ichaso explores generational as well as class divides within the Cuban exile community seldom addressed in film. Is the American dream possible for those who arrived a little too late? Ichaso avoids didacticism for raw authencity, to the point of even challenging the very possibility of full integration ever, in a 'land with a future' that waits for no one.

Shot on a 'Cuban coffee budget', the film explodes with heart, color, music and a desperate tale seldom brought to the screen before. A Miami of no return, where freedom is murder.

About Paraiso --From The Miami Herald-- René Rodríguez's Blog:

Paraiso (Paradise), the latest by Cuban-American filmmaker Leon Ichaso (El Super, Bitter Sugar, El Cantante), focuses on a Cuban balsero who arrives in South Florida and grabs his shot at the good life by taking advantage of everyone he meets.

Shot entirely in Miami on digital video for a tiny budget, Paraiso is a stylish and captivating take on cultural assimilation, South Florida-style - a bracing blast of uncompromising honesty that will surprise anyone expecting another poignant and heartwarming drama about Cuban exiles assimilating to life in the United States.

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  1. Best movie in a long time. Real life. Message in it. Not like a especial effect movie. Intense and truthful


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